Tuesday, January 4, 2011


I've made only 2 goals for myself this year in 2011. One, to follow my word of the year: CELEBRATE. To celebrate my life, it's ups and downs, it's successes and it's ordinary moments.

Two, to create at least 104 crafty items and blog about them. Could be a scrapbook layout, could be a planner, could be a banner, could be spraypainting a found item and repurposing it. Whatever it is, I hope to share it here twice a week.

With that, here's the very first layout of the year. It happens to even BE about my word of the year, CELEBRATE!


  1. 104 crafty things, eh? Interesting number. I love the word celebrate and I'm in LOVE with the color palette and dimension on this layout.

  2. You know, it was an arbitrary number...52 weeks times 2 projects a week. I could handle that. But, now that you point it out...our last house number was 104 and 4 is my favorite number. Now, I'm VERY excited. THANKS!!