Tuesday, January 25, 2011

all stars

This is a layout that actually made me think a lot. Not about the design or what to use, those came naturally. I thought about scrapbooking in general.

The first thing that really hit me was about how and why I or a regular average person scrapbooks. Mostly, and honestly, I want to scrap the events in our lives. I want to get the memories down on paper in a lovely way so that we can always remember these times in our lives. I want to enjoy the creative process and make something that I think is really pleasing to the eye.

Sometimes, I want to scrap moments too. Things that happen in our everyday lives that I don't want to forget. A look, an expression or a funny thing that is said. Those are important things that I want to remember as well, but these are a smaller percentage in my albums. I think that this is true for most average scrapbookers. Those moms that maybe get an hour or tw
o a week to put something to paper -- the ones that go to a crop once or twice a year with friends.

I like to make my pages beautiful. I do. There are layouts that I'm especially proud of. But I don't sew on my pages, for the most part. I don't know how and I don't own a sewing machine. Even if I did, I wouldn't sew on all of my pages. That would really prohibit me from getting my stories told in a timely manner. (Now, don't misunderstand. I'm still over 2 years behind in my albums. But, I also kind of enjoy being behind
!) I don't like adding things that are inconvenient - hence why I'm reluctant to use a die cut machine (even though I own 5!) over letter stickers or other embellishments. I truly want my stories told. I want our memories recorded.

The other thing that I got to thinking about was using my stash. I have stuff in my stash that is literally 7 years old. However, I always find myself reaching for the stuff that is new. The latest and greatest, if you will. That's what I liked so much about this layout. I used items I've had in my stash for multiple years. You know what else? I told the story AND made a page I like. This is the best kind of scrapbooking, I think.

{supplies: cardstock: bazzill/embellishments: making memories, deluxe designs and my minds eye/letter stickers: american crafts/misc: ribbon and patterned paper}


  1. Love reading your post Jennie. I have the same reasons as you are regarding why we scrapbook. I also dont own a sewing machine ;)

    Love this page, very graphical and the composition is amazing

  2. Hi Jennie, I found your blog as we're together there at Cosmo top 10 lol...nice to meet you and your work, cute layouts!!! ;)