Monday, March 7, 2011

A week?!

In my defense, my father in law was here all last week. I was truly on my toes. BUT, I still have a cache of layouts to share! I'm up to 84 for the year, which I am SO very excited about. Do you remember that my initial goal was 104. So, soon I will be there. YAY!

Here's one I created last week as my challenge over at my sketch world. My challenge was to use mini photos! Anything less than 2x3 counts and as many or as few as you like. Easy and fun, right? I thought so! Mine features a whole bunch of mini photos that I took at CHAW '11.

Keep checking back. As soon as I get to my 104 layouts I plan to do a fun giveaway!


  1. This is an Awesome Layout!! Loving all the photos... How cool!!!
    Hope you have a gr8 week..

  2. Hi!!! So I just clicked Follow on your blog (don't know why I wasn't following before??)and was trying to catch up on all your posts and came across this one, I'm big time....I'm on a page!! LOL But seriously I was so honored you asked me to join you, thank you so much for the invite. I also have pics I need to send you from there. Talk soon!