Thursday, May 26, 2011


My bigger boys play baseball. They love it. They eat it, they breathe it, they dream it. Baseball is not only the American past time, it's the ONLY past time.

The sketch for the new Thursday spot at Elle's Studio called for me to scrap these photos, even though I only took them yesterday. Crazy how that works.

AND, I totally changed the sketch. I used circles and less than pictured. Plus, I really stepped out of my box. I MISTED the circles. Don't get me wrong, I mist. However, I usually don't mist directly onto the page and I CERTAINLY don't mist something major. Usually, I'm only an item color changer with mist. (Such as a shipping tag or a wood veneer embellishment.)

This layout...a total departure. And, I'm happy with it.

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