Friday, June 17, 2011

Happy Birthday...and...

Yes, I love a birthday layout. Traditionally I've done 2 pagers -- trying to add as many photos as humanly possible. For Sawyer's 8th birthday party, I decided to pare it down. I'm really happy with that decision.

I got a couple of photos of just him, a photo with his besties, and a photo of the whole group. OBVIOUSLY I took at least 142 other photos (that is what all mom's do, right?!) but I didn't need to include them on the layout. Just the ones that were very meaningful and told the story of the day. There are lots of other important memories, too -- but these told the highlights.

Another fun part of this layout is that I used the sketch this week over at Elle's Studio. It was a fun one and I could incorporate all I needed by just changing things up a bit. :) Sounds good to me!

Unfortunately, I wasn't quick enough last week and I didn't get the layout up for the sketch. I did it, though.

I rarely do a 1 photo layout, so this was a departure for me. But you know what? It turned out okay. :)

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