Wednesday, January 4, 2012

My Scrapbooky!

Ever since my big boys were little they have called my scrapbook space "the scrapbooky". It's totally stuck and it's just the common name around here!

Anyway. A little back story. We moved here (Southern Indiana) in October from Southern California. We lived in SoCal for 5.5 years -- and I had a medium size bedroom with TONS AND TONS of office type built ins. It was STORAGE HEAVEN. The drawers were huge and deep - I could keep SB stuff AND general craft stuff all together. It wasn't PRETTY and it didn't have style, but it was as functional as could be. I really did love it.

Fast forward to Southern Indiana. We have converted a formal living room into the scrapbook room. It was dark and VERY formal with the previous owners. They had a baby grand piano and silk drapes. We installed a ceiling fan (for LOTS of light and possible climate control) and went to town.

We chose this room for accessibility. We also have a huge bonus room and a basement area that could have held the space. This works because I'm always near the family and can hear and see whats going on. It's perfect.

To give you an idea of size -- my work tables are 79 inches wide and 24 inches deep (each). So, I have an overall of 79x48 workspace. It's PERFECT.

Welcome to my scrappy space. I love vintage and re purposed pieces for accent. It's not perfect or particularly neat. I don't have built-ins or anything that resembles order but it's really me and it's just a wonderful space I'm so happy with!

From the entry way to the left:

To the right:

Inside the room to the left of the door

The wooden buffet (I'm going to paint it white this summer!) holds my sizzix dies (YES, I still have a sizzix. Can't beat how it cuts felt or chipboard. Or, anything else, really!). On top is an infant scale that I use for photo prop and on top are layouts to go in albums. The aqua drawers have vintage milk bottle caps in them.

The red boxes have misc. craft items and some completed projects. (Banners, etc)

The windows plus a small desk for my laptop, silhouette and to heat emboss/glue gun

The wire green rack above the laptop desk holds my embossing powders and misc. other stuff. It's not full, but that is how I like it. Full of potential!

The main wall -- what you see when you enter the room.

Tiny drawers for all kinds of things -- ink pads, old embellishments I never use but can't let go of, foam brushes, etc. Not completely full -- but again, just how I like it! Room to grow!

The wall display is completely taken from Elizabeth Kartchner. The day she posted it on her blog I fell in love. I ran to Ikea the next day to stock up on frames and I made a similar wall display. It was perfect for the photos I knew I wanted to be special and on display!

The Coke box has Thickers STUFFED in there, like I can hardly get them out. The overflow has gone into the bottom of the wire basket tiered thing. The middle has some mini albums -- the top empty! (PERFECT!)

The locker has misc craft items and my sizzix machine ... just stuff I need/want but don't need OUT.

My main workspace. Where I sit. Where the pages get made. The fruit box houses scraps on the left side on the floor, on the right is the most current stuff I've got. The wooden tray on top has my gratitude mini album I need to work on. The yellow/brown box has stamps, tags, etc.

My awesome chair. You're probably appalled by it. It's the messiest thing EVER. First, I'm planning on replacing it when I find the perfect thing. Second, my youngest (now 4!) colored and painted on it -- and I find it kind of charming. Not in a keep it forever kind of way, but in a it works for now kind of way!

Top left drawer:
The last little corner. For now, it's got an aqua ladder and a box of cards I've made but never sent. We're waiting until the PERFECT arm chair comes along. I don't want to settle, I want it to be perfect for the space. So, until then - it has an Iowa tomato box. PERFECT for me -- I love nothing more than home grown Iowa tomatoes!

The view into the family room
The black TV armoire holds my 12x12 paper in cropper hopper vertical files.

The walls are painted Benjamin Moore Moonshine -- and we still need window coverings. All in due time!


  1. love it!!! i wish i had a space even half as awesome. love all of the vintage touches.

  2. Love it! Totally jealous of your craft space!

  3. wow, lovin' the space and all your creative ways to use items!

  4. I LOVE LOVE LOVE those old crates! I have an old Coke bottle crate that I use to hold my ribbons. Great space and I really like that it has entryways to different parts of the house. I think that really makes the room inclusive and keeps you from being cut off from the rest of the family.

  5. Looks great ... so inspiring ! When can I move in? :)

  6. Great room!! I also have mine central on the main level of the house and it is so nice to feel like I can do my thing and still know what is going on!

  7. What a nice big space with lots of light!!! :)

  8. i love your space! it is so fresh and open!

  9. What a beautiful room!!! I love the view from the open you're stepping into your craft castle!!!

  10. I love the coke and fruit crate - and the cubbies too! I really like those tables put together - your room looks so spacious! Well done!

  11. So light and pretty! Love it!

  12. WOW look at all that SPACE! I think my entire apartment fits into your scrap room. Lol. Perhaps it's time to leave the city and set up shop in sunnier grounds. I love all the vintage touches- your chair is fantastic! I'm reorganizing as well and I love how I always find some unexpected favorite product I forgot I had. The light coming in from your windows! WOW!

  13. Hi, just poppping in from the SC board to check out your space...AWESOME! Your room is so huge and the natural light is AMAZING! Thanks so much for sharing your space!

  14. Your space is gorgeous!! Love all the white light shining in and I agree with Christina, those crates are GORGEOUS!

  15. fabulous space.... great room