Saturday, April 9, 2011

are you kidding?!

I didn't post anything since Tuesday? Shame on me! I've had lots to share but little time to share it in, I guess.

Lets forget the time that has passed and start over, shall we?

Here's a fun one...lots of My Minds Eye and Cosmo Cricket with cute pictures of Harrison when he was juuuuust a baby. Not even two. Now, at 3+ it seems like a lifetime ago!

I don't know if you've heard of Kelly Purkey and her sketchbook classes. I hope you have and I hope you have taken one, if not all. Because mostly, they are AWESOME. This is my first chance to get to take one and I'm so glad I did. You get 12 sketches with 4 variations on each. Can you say AWESOME!? Here's day 1 ... did I mention how happy I am to have taken this class?!

And, the most exciting thing of all. The one I sat on for a couple of days, completely THRILLED and SHOCKED. I am now a PROUD member of the 3 Scrappy Boys design team! SERIOUSLY. Like, shut the front door! 3 scrappy boys was the first kit club I stalked. The first one I bought anything from, the one that was made for me with 3 boys. I'm over the moon. Seriously. I hope you will join us over there after you see what they have!!

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