Tuesday, April 5, 2011

beach explorer

I did something with this layout that I, as a general rule, don't do. I don't fussy cut. There's no real reason except the fact that I'm just too lazy. I like the way it looks and the end product is usually fabulous. Or it looks fabulous, on other people's layouts. I wouldn't know because I usually don't do it.

However, I did on this one. I used the sketchabilities sketch, made a layout and did some fussy cutting. I enjoyed the result but I don't think I will do it again soon.

Another surprise? Heat embossing! Check out the pail. THAT I probably will do again! ;)


  1. Your fussy cutting turned out great! I don't do heaps of it either but it is definitely effective!

  2. WOW, Jennine. Love the lil sunglasses in top corner..
    Great LO...

  3. Such a cute layout!! Love the colors!!

  4. Great job stepping out of your comfort zone and trying something you don't normally do ... it looks great!