Monday, December 19, 2011

feeling good and hungry skyline time...

We lived in Cincinnati for 4.5 years and really grew to love it. One of the things that we have missed about it is Cincinnati Chili. The oyster crackers, the 4 way with light onions, all of it.

So, when we moved to Southern Indiana and learned that there was a Skyline (or more!) in Louisville -- we were thrilled. So, we drove over for a bit of shopping (Archivers and Trader Joes!) and dined at Skyline. Andy and I were so happy to expose the boys to this culinary delight!

More Studio Calico with Brooklyn Flea.

And, yesterday we took the boys to see Santa -- we'd been missing the Irvine Regional Park's take on the Santa experience, so we'd been putting it off. Instead of a trainride to the North Pole, complete with snow...we braved the mall.


  1. Great pics of the boys and fun page!

  2. We lived in Cincinnati for 2 years and that is one thing we miss the most too-the chili! None to be found around here in DC though!
    Great photos-they are all so handsome!

  3. Those are some sweet little boys!

  4. We haven't managed to see Santa yet this year... your photos are great!