Tuesday, November 22, 2011

new school

So part of the move was a new school for everyone, not just the big boys. I had so carefully chosen Harrison's preschool in California and really, really loved it. Now, I had to choose something different -- make a change. This is hard considering the child in question is your BABY.

Anyway, we chose a new school and all seems well. We're thankful for this.

You have to forgive the photography here. The day I took the photos of a bunch of pages we had a lot of shadows and I'm still learning when/where to photograph the pages!


  1. Good to hear that he likes his new school!! I am also glad that you are closer to me!!! Indiana is a much faster drive than California. I've done that one twice now and I am pretty sure there won't be a third time! =)

  2. I can bet that's a really hard decision. I'm so glad he's happy at the new school!